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Repair & leakage

There will undoubtedly be times when something needs urgent repair in your home. After all, something can always break. Of course, in such a case, it is important to call in a specialist as soon as possible to fix the problem. That’s why Amstelland Totaal Techniek offers 24-hour service.

24-hour service.

Whether it’s a leak, damage to your roof, a boiler malfunction or a clogged drain, our professionals are here for you day or night. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will make sure that someone is sent to you as soon as possible. So you are never alone! (Please note that this service is for contract holders only).

Would you like to know more about our 24-hour service, or would you like to call in a specialist right away? Please contact Amstelland Totaal Techniek!


A leak often starts small and may not seem that urgent at first. But when a small leak is neglected, it can quickly have serious consequences. It is therefore imperative that immediate action be taken in the event of a leak.

Prevent leakage

Most leaks are caused by a poorly maintained roof. Your roof is exposed to different weather conditions day in and day out. Therefore, it is advisable to give your roof a thorough maintenance once a year. Annual maintenance prevents damage and wear (and therefore leaks), and extends the life of your roof.

Another way leaks can occur is through clogged gutters. When an accumulation of branches, leaves, windblown street debris and bird droppings prevents the rainwater from draining, leaks can occur in various places. If water runs down the outside wall over the gutter, the wall may become moldy.

In the process, the gutter can become loose due to the weight of the water. Poor stormwater drainage can also cause you to eventually suffer the consequences and suffer from leaks indoors as well. Therefore, make sure you have your gutters cleaned at least once a year.

Fixing leaks

If you do find yourself dealing with a leak, you can of course turn to Amstelland Total Engineering. Our roof specialists have all the necessary knowledge, expertise and tools to fix both small and large leaks efficiently and quickly. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger, give us a call right away!


When you are dealing with a clogged drain or sewer line, it is imperative that this problem be fixed as soon as possible.

Drain unblocking

Almost everyone will experience a clogged drain at some point. You can then first try to fix the clog yourself, such as by using a rubber plunger or a chemical unblocker. When this does not work, an unclogging spring may be the solution.

These steel springs, which are available in lengths from three to 10 meters, you push (gently) into the drain in a circular motion, scraping off the dirt in the pipes. Should you be unable to fix the clog yourself, or if the clog is in a hard-to-reach place, you can call in Amstelland Totaal Techniek. Our plumbers have the necessary knowledge and resources to quickly clear your drain or sewer line again.

The importance of acting quickly

Help is usually called for quickly for a clogged toilet, but a clog in a bathroom or kitchen drain is sometimes neglected. However, this can have serious consequences; when the drain is clogged, it means that no flow of water is possible.

When a plumbing facility is not used for an extended period of time, it creates the risk of Legionella. This is a dangerous bacterium that spreads through tiny water droplets. When the water droplets are inhaled, you can become seriously ill. So always make sure you take immediate action when you are dealing with a clogged drain!

Want to know more?

Want to know more about Legionella prevention? Or would you like to call a plumber immediately to fix a clog? Then contact Amstelland Totaal Techniek!

CV Failure

You depend on your boiler for your heating and hot water supply. So if the appliance suddenly breaks down, or stops functioning properly, it is important to get the malfunction fixed as soon as possible. Amstelland Totaal Techniek would be happy to tell you more about our CV repair services and the benefits of a maintenance contract for your boiler.

CV repairs

Amstelland Totaal Techniek has specialized CV technicians who are ready for you day and night to provide you with the fastest possible service in case of a CV breakdown. They can usually figure out the cause of the central heating failure fairly quickly and fix it. So you can quickly enjoy a hot shower and a pleasant indoor climate again!

Maintenance contract

To avoid problems, your boiler should be serviced once a year. This involves replacing any worn parts and you can assure yourself that everything is still working properly. The maintenance of central heating boilers is often neglected, but it is very important; after all, a poorly functioning boiler is not safe, and it also often consumes more energy than necessary. We therefore recommend that all our customers take out a maintenance contract for their central heating boiler. You pay a fixed, low annual fee for this, and maintenance and any repairs to your boiler are included. So you have no more unexpected expenses, AND you always have the assurance that you will be helped as soon as possible in case you do have to deal with a central heating breakdown. And that is so nice to know!

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about the benefits of a maintenance contract for your central heating boiler? If so, contact Amstelland Total Engineering. If you want to hire a technician immediately to fix a central heating malfunction, it is best to give us a call; that way we can serve you faster.


Nothing as distracting as the sound of a leaking faucet… For every conceivable plumbing job in and around your home or commercial property, turn to Amstelland Totaal Techniek. Our professional plumbers can be targeted and efficient thanks to their expertise.

We specialize in

  • Installing gas, water and drain lines
  • Pipe repairs
  • Installation of central heating boilers
  • Assembling faucets
  • Unblocking sewers

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