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New & replacement

Amstelland Totaal Techniek is the address for new installation and replacement of all conceivable systems in your home, such as central heating, bathroom plumbing, air conditioning and security systems. You can also come to us for the installation or replacement of roofing and roof protection and graffiti removal.

Our professionals are at your service!

However, our services are not limited to installation and replacement. To ensure that everything continues to function properly, and to extend the life of the installations in question, we offer all our customers the option of taking out a low-cost service and maintenance contract. You pay a fixed, low amount per year for this, so you no longer have to worry about unexpected expenses. Moreover, this way you always have the assurance of a well-maintained, safe and economical installation!

Central heating boiler

Today, thanks to the development of central heating, we are able to fully control the indoor climate. Amstelland Totaal Techniek puts saving and sustainability first so that you only need to use the most necessary energy in your company as well as in your household.

Carefree heating

We expertly handle the installation and regulation of complete central heating systems: from gas wall boiler to radiators. Whether heating a residential home or an entire commercial building; Amstelland Totaal Techniek will help you get an installation that suits your needs.

Sustainable and energy-efficient heat control system

  • central heating boilers
  • heat recovery plants
  • sophisticated systems that monitor the installation and automatically report any malfunctions

Plumbing & Bathroom

For the installation of complete bathrooms and toilet rooms, Amstelland Totaal Techniek is the right place for you. Through our collaboration with reputable plumbing stores in the Amsterdam area, you can count on the best quality at the lowest price.

Moreover, we are always at your service when it comes to fixing minor inconveniences such as leaky faucets or clogs in your kitchen or bathroom.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our plumbing and bathroom services, please contact Amstelland Totaal Techniek on 020 696 9040. Our staff will be happy to assist you!

Air conditioning – Cooling you can count on

When the temperature rises outside during the summer months, your air conditioning unit will provide refreshment inside. Amstelland Totaal Techniek works to create a perfect climate within your premises and offers a wide range of air conditioning systems.

Our systems are characterized by their durability, quality and energy-efficient consumption. We provide installations from small split systems to complete air handling systems.

Ventilation box replacement

Need to have your ventilation box replaced? Amstelland will quickly and professionally replace your old unit for a new, high-quality box. Replacing your ventilation box provides the greatest benefit if the ducts of the ventilation system are also cleaned. This combination offers you the best efficiency and ensures quiet and well-functioning ventilation, resulting in a healthy indoor climate.


Would you like to have your mechanical ventilation cleaned and maintained? The mechanics of Amstelland Totaal Techniek are happy to perform this work for you. Thanks to their experience and craftsmanship, you can rely on a properly functioning system and healthy air in your home. If your ventilation system is noisy, no longer extracts properly or is 15 years or older, Amstelland Totaal Techniek can replace your ventilation box.